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Red Flag Gun Seizures Coming Nationwide

Red Flag Gun Seizures Coming Nationwide

Wireless radio frequencies being auctioned by the U.S. government for mobile 5G networks could interfere with weather forecasts and make them much less accurate, as the mobile network could cause interference that prevents satellites from detecting concentrations of water vapor in the atmosphere accurately, warn meteorologists.

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Russian Spy Plane Flies Over DC, US Military & Nuclear Bases In Open Skies Treaty

Russian Spy Plane Flies Over DC, US Military & Nuclear Bases In Open Skies Treaty

In accordance with the 'Open Skies' treaty, which allows the US, Russia and 32 other countries to carry out inspections of others' military infrastructure on their domestic territory, typically via spy plane, Russia carried out its latest reconnaissance flight over American territory this week.

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Trump Sues to Block Democrats' Subpoena to Look Into His Personal Finances

US President Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit to block a subpoena issued by the chairman of the US House Oversight Committee, which is seeking information about his personal and business finances. In a court filing on Monday, Trump Organization lawyers said that the subpoena issued by Democratic Rep. Video By Dahboo7

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