Thank you Lorraine Warren: Pioneer Paranormal Investigator Dies at 92

“The first one through the door, will get blood on them”.

A very powerful statement given by award winning documentarian Chad Calek as he laments on the passing of legendary paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren, in his podcast post on the past Friday.

Lorraine Warren was most known for her paranormal investigating, where her cases were the true source material for some of the most iconic horror and thriller movies.

Those same cases were, and are, among the most scrutinized and questioned in Paranormal History. That was the point behind Chad’s statement above. She and her husband, Ed, faced a much more skeptical crowd when they first began to pop up on the scene, than what exist today, in regard to paranormal investigation.

The two of them truly were pioneers of their field, regardless if your a believer or not, you have to respect that.

Rest in Peace Lorraine.

Is this still a problem? Bee, Die Off?

Georgia Young Farmer Magazine is a seasonal digest that is published about the activities in the field of agriculture in various Georgia Counties and regions.

I got my hands on a copy of the Spring 2019 edition a few days ago, and as I’m sure most did I went directly to the piece written about my home county. I was surprised to find it was all about “The Struggle For Honey Bee Colony Health”. In summary, it was all about in experience and the fight that potential beekeepers should be prepared for if they intend to jump into the field. This article did spark a memory of an “apocalyptic” threat that was talked about from every direction.

A few years ago it was a huge topic of interest that seemed to just fade away. It was on nearly every YouTube Channel, Twitter Feed, and Facebook Page. I even remember a Honey-Nut Cheerios campaign that was directed at bringing attention to a huge die off of honey bees.

An extinction level event for bees would have ultimately been an extinction level event for us as well. As while pollination is not solely reliant on bees, it is heavily reliant upon it. The food shortages caused by that would have caused famine, riots, and many many human deaths.

This idea even had an impact on popular culture. There was an entire episode of Netflix’s “Black Mirror” that droned the topic of artificial bee colonies providing the service that we currently require of our little striped friends.

Like so many flavor of the week conspiracy theories, this one just faded into the back.

Is the threat still real, was it a distraction, was that campaign from General Mills just a political stunt. As they are owned by the same corporations that own the pesticide companies that were being blamed for the “die off” anyway. If you have thoughts please share below.

Preparedness: Planning, and Projections

KnowledgeCon 2019 was heavily centered around preparedness. Ranging from spiritual preparedness, financial preparedness, food source preparedness, to physical preparedness.

In our arena of conversation, it’s very easy to be focused on the food source preparedness. As that is the most important of all.

All around me I see my friends practicing preparedness in various ways.

Dahboo7 for example, shared a video about fixing his trailer for hauling supplies around his property for prepping his green house.

Then earlier today B Rich released the first of a series of project videos that he intends to share to document the preparation of a garden, chicken coop, berry wall, and his Studio Barn.

In my current situation, I’m not in the position to share much of this. However, I thought it a good time to document some of my goals and to ask you all to hold me accountable.

Goal #1 Find An Apartment

I am in search of an apartment. This goal is almost achieved, I have budget to have this task complete, by the first week of May, and things are looking really good for me to achieve it.

I have only put in one application, but that is only because I have only found 1 apartment that fits my budget and my needs. One of those needs, plays into Goal #2.

Goal #2 Set Up A Studio

I have recently decided to start Podcasting again. Because I have decided to delve back into that, I have chosen to find an apartment with two bedrooms.

I want to build the studio to fit a 4 person show, with hopes to rent the space and equipment out to others who would like to do a podcast but don’t have the space or equipment.

Goal #3 Fitness

I labeled this one very vaguely, because I really don’t know what my goal should be. Generally, I want to feel like less of a slob. I have been going to the gym regularly for the past two months and am very pleased with the results but I know that there is more work to be done.

Goal #4 Career Advancement

I really love my job. I take a great deal of pride in it, and would love to move into the next level of my professional field.

The drive for this hasn’t stopped and will not stop for years to come, to achieve I will keep pushing the way I have been.

Listen, I know some of the things on this list are a bit vague or cliche., but I think it’s important to write this stuff down. I think it’s important to remind yourself what the grind is about.

I hope this has inspired you to do the same. If so, leave a comment below.

Brothers and Old Boots

When I was a kid, I had this Alvin and the Chipmunks cassette tape that I just about wore out. One of my favorite songs on the tape was a song titled, “Brother’s and Old Boots”. It was sung by Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and country music legend Charlie Daniels. Through the entirety of the song, the brothers are going back and forth, fussing and a carrying on, however the actual meaning of the song has stuck with me through the bulk of my life.

I bring this up tonight, because tomorrow I have to take my brother to the train station and see him off to a new life that he has chosen in another part of the country.

Even though there is amazing technology in the world, and I know that I can call him anytime that I choose and visa versa, it still is requiring a great deal of control for me to not approach this situation emotionally.

It’s difficult to watch him leave after feeling my whole life that he was my responsibility. If your a big brother or sister, you were probably indoctrinated with that idea just like I was.

Even as I know that it was indoctrination, I still feel this way.

I guess my point is, I have to remain logical. I must anchor myself to the truth, and that is that this is a decision that he is making because he thinks it will make him overall happier. I must also be grounded in the fact that he is smart person and can look out for his self.

Good Luck Cliff.

Bobby D and Cliff Head to Head.jpg

"Where Have You Been?"

For the better part of the past two years I have been absent from making any content. If you've been eager to find out why, I’m going to my best to explain.


I’ve went through two relationships in that time frame.

One of which was two a “recovering” addict that in hindsight was only interested in me for my reliability, and took advantage of this while she abused herself.

The other relationship was to a single mother of two. Those kids became my own in a very short amount of time, and they became the center of my world.


Though one day the doors may open for this to become my full time gig, right now it is no where on the spectrum. Due to that I have to continue to push in my current chosen field of work.

I spent over 100 traveling days in 2018. This left me very few consecutive days at home. Ultimately, I was not willing to give those up to do research.


Notice that I put this section separate from the other two. There are some people that might say that the above are also distractions but those people lack the maturity.

I am not ashamed at any amount that I allowed the above topics to intervene in something that I consider a hobby.

Distractions are all the other stuff. The fun stuff. The folly.

It can be used as a tool or it can use you as a tool.

Allowing your mind time to relax is very important, but we must also be aware that it can set up shop in your heart and mind.

Social Anxiety, Skepticism, and Fear

I have no clue how many people I talked to last Saturday Night at Knowledge Con 2019 in Cincinnati. I do know that of those people, there is a large number of them that talked about their social anxiety issues. I think I know why.

If you are reading this, then chances are really high that you could be called a skeptical person. This is skepticism, ranges from a healthy level, to a horribly unhealthy level. Knowing the difference between those may help you to face that with some logic.

Healthy Skepticism

Taking the extra time to read ingredients on the back of the food that you buy before you buy it, is in my opinion, a good exercise. Even though that is incorrect sometimes as well. It is still better than just grabbing whatever off the shelf and taking it home to your family.

Unhealthy Skepticism

A good example of unhealthy skepticism that I was guilty of, happened one night when I was speaking with several people over the phone.

My new neighbor pulled up to his new apartment in a large cargo van with his furniture in it the middle of the night, parked the car and then went in.

My first thought was not that I had a new neighbor that was moving in, it was that the government had finally decided to shut me up. I had been into the hobby of making YouTube videos for a little less than a year at that point and lacked a little maturity in my skepticism.

That line of thinking is also a little ego driven. I wasn’t exposing anything really heavy anyway, why would the government want to shut me up.

People Are Good….Mostly

Yes it is true, that assholes exist.

There are people in this world that are so bored with their own lives that they seek malicious ways to entertain themselves at the expense of others.

However, I know that there are also people that are truly great. I have to believe that this accounts for the majority.

Do Not Let Fear Win

If we do not learn to overcome our distaste and fear for those few, it will limit our ability to appreciate the many. If we allow the few that control, we must realize it as a defeat.

Funny how this aligned directly with the topic that B Rich addressed during the conference.

His point was a warning against allowing fear to rule our words. Words are how we meet new people, and words are how we will win against fear.