Is this still a problem? Bee, Die Off?

Georgia Young Farmer Magazine is a seasonal digest that is published about the activities in the field of agriculture in various Georgia Counties and regions.

I got my hands on a copy of the Spring 2019 edition a few days ago, and as I’m sure most did I went directly to the piece written about my home county. I was surprised to find it was all about “The Struggle For Honey Bee Colony Health”. In summary, it was all about in experience and the fight that potential beekeepers should be prepared for if they intend to jump into the field. This article did spark a memory of an “apocalyptic” threat that was talked about from every direction.

A few years ago it was a huge topic of interest that seemed to just fade away. It was on nearly every YouTube Channel, Twitter Feed, and Facebook Page. I even remember a Honey-Nut Cheerios campaign that was directed at bringing attention to a huge die off of honey bees.

An extinction level event for bees would have ultimately been an extinction level event for us as well. As while pollination is not solely reliant on bees, it is heavily reliant upon it. The food shortages caused by that would have caused famine, riots, and many many human deaths.

This idea even had an impact on popular culture. There was an entire episode of Netflix’s “Black Mirror” that droned the topic of artificial bee colonies providing the service that we currently require of our little striped friends.

Like so many flavor of the week conspiracy theories, this one just faded into the back.

Is the threat still real, was it a distraction, was that campaign from General Mills just a political stunt. As they are owned by the same corporations that own the pesticide companies that were being blamed for the “die off” anyway. If you have thoughts please share below.