Lorraine Warren

Thank you Lorraine Warren: Pioneer Paranormal Investigator Dies at 92

“The first one through the door, will get blood on them”.

A very powerful statement given by award winning documentarian Chad Calek as he laments on the passing of legendary paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren, in his podcast post on the past Friday.

Lorraine Warren was most known for her paranormal investigating, where her cases were the true source material for some of the most iconic horror and thriller movies.

Those same cases were, and are, among the most scrutinized and questioned in Paranormal History. That was the point behind Chad’s statement above. She and her husband, Ed, faced a much more skeptical crowd when they first began to pop up on the scene, than what exist today, in regard to paranormal investigation.

The two of them truly were pioneers of their field, regardless if your a believer or not, you have to respect that.

Rest in Peace Lorraine.