Brothers and Old Boots

When I was a kid, I had this Alvin and the Chipmunks cassette tape that I just about wore out. One of my favorite songs on the tape was a song titled, “Brother’s and Old Boots”. It was sung by Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and country music legend Charlie Daniels. Through the entirety of the song, the brothers are going back and forth, fussing and a carrying on, however the actual meaning of the song has stuck with me through the bulk of my life.

I bring this up tonight, because tomorrow I have to take my brother to the train station and see him off to a new life that he has chosen in another part of the country.

Even though there is amazing technology in the world, and I know that I can call him anytime that I choose and visa versa, it still is requiring a great deal of control for me to not approach this situation emotionally.

It’s difficult to watch him leave after feeling my whole life that he was my responsibility. If your a big brother or sister, you were probably indoctrinated with that idea just like I was.

Even as I know that it was indoctrination, I still feel this way.

I guess my point is, I have to remain logical. I must anchor myself to the truth, and that is that this is a decision that he is making because he thinks it will make him overall happier. I must also be grounded in the fact that he is smart person and can look out for his self.

Good Luck Cliff.

Bobby D and Cliff Head to Head.jpg