B Rich

Social Anxiety, Skepticism, and Fear

I have no clue how many people I talked to last Saturday Night at Knowledge Con 2019 in Cincinnati. I do know that of those people, there is a large number of them that talked about their social anxiety issues. I think I know why.

If you are reading this, then chances are really high that you could be called a skeptical person. This is skepticism, ranges from a healthy level, to a horribly unhealthy level. Knowing the difference between those may help you to face that with some logic.

Healthy Skepticism

Taking the extra time to read ingredients on the back of the food that you buy before you buy it, is in my opinion, a good exercise. Even though that is incorrect sometimes as well. It is still better than just grabbing whatever off the shelf and taking it home to your family.

Unhealthy Skepticism

A good example of unhealthy skepticism that I was guilty of, happened one night when I was speaking with several people over the phone.

My new neighbor pulled up to his new apartment in a large cargo van with his furniture in it the middle of the night, parked the car and then went in.

My first thought was not that I had a new neighbor that was moving in, it was that the government had finally decided to shut me up. I had been into the hobby of making YouTube videos for a little less than a year at that point and lacked a little maturity in my skepticism.

That line of thinking is also a little ego driven. I wasn’t exposing anything really heavy anyway, why would the government want to shut me up.

People Are Good….Mostly

Yes it is true, that assholes exist.

There are people in this world that are so bored with their own lives that they seek malicious ways to entertain themselves at the expense of others.

However, I know that there are also people that are truly great. I have to believe that this accounts for the majority.

Do Not Let Fear Win

If we do not learn to overcome our distaste and fear for those few, it will limit our ability to appreciate the many. If we allow the few that control, we must realize it as a defeat.

Funny how this aligned directly with the topic that B Rich addressed during the conference.

His point was a warning against allowing fear to rule our words. Words are how we meet new people, and words are how we will win against fear.