#BoycottGeorgia = #BoycottDisney : Georgian Response To A Georgian Boycott #WeAreConcerned

This is a huge DISTRACTION!

Anything to do with these proposed laws, laws that will not be passed, is meant to take your eyes off of something else.

Today, it was publicised that Disney will, “have a hard time” doing business in Georgia if the Abortion Bill is passed. This, after Netflix publicly spoke in the same resonance.

I’m not here to argue rather or not this right, but more so I wanted to note the lack of response from the Americans who feel passionately and are in support of this Bill.

One thing, I have not heard of from the citizens of Georgia is a proclamation of boycotting these business in response to their claims, and fulfillment of those claims.

I don’t expect a movement like that to come to fruition at all because the value, and ease of access, of entertainment is not at all proportionately priced to how much people really appreciate the escape from reality these companies provide.