New Group For Whom It May - Alabama

If you live in Alabama, I encourage you to join Whom It May - Alabama facebook group.

The purpose of the group is to give you a place to share your own content, share your skills, share news articles, share events, and share your thoughts about all things related to Alabama.


I would encourage any Alabama based podcast, band, writer, blogger, vlogger, painter, or any other type of artist to share their content with others in Alabama.


If you are a farmer, welder, roofer, painter, mason, carpenter, or any other type of technical professional, I would like to know about it, and imagine that others are the same way.

News Articles

Must be related directly with the State of Alabama, or at least within a close proximity to the stateline


Only rule is that it must be happening in or very close to the State of Alabama


Your free to speak your mind, but if you believe in it enough to write it down you should be prepared to