"Where Have You Been?"

For the better part of the past two years I have been absent from making any content. If you've been eager to find out why, I’m going to my best to explain.


I’ve went through two relationships in that time frame.

One of which was two a “recovering” addict that in hindsight was only interested in me for my reliability, and took advantage of this while she abused herself.

The other relationship was to a single mother of two. Those kids became my own in a very short amount of time, and they became the center of my world.


Though one day the doors may open for this to become my full time gig, right now it is no where on the spectrum. Due to that I have to continue to push in my current chosen field of work.

I spent over 100 traveling days in 2018. This left me very few consecutive days at home. Ultimately, I was not willing to give those up to do research.


Notice that I put this section separate from the other two. There are some people that might say that the above are also distractions but those people lack the maturity.

I am not ashamed at any amount that I allowed the above topics to intervene in something that I consider a hobby.

Distractions are all the other stuff. The fun stuff. The folly.

It can be used as a tool or it can use you as a tool.

Allowing your mind time to relax is very important, but we must also be aware that it can set up shop in your heart and mind.