Feeling alone in a world that, I had recently discovered was full of lies and corruption from many sources that had previously thought to be positive lights, I decided to find others like me.

I had already become accustomed to finding the same old names in the chats of Live Streams and realized that I was much more interested in spending my time talking to those individuals. In order to do that more than once a week, I decided to start making my own content. And this was the birth of Whom It May.

It is meant to be my letter to the world, and your letter to the world. It is meant to be a community where you can speak your mind and receive logical response. Free from fear and damnation.

It is my belief that the division is the most common and most frightening thing that is happening to us.

“To whom it may concern”, is the way a person should address a letter when he or she is talking to multiple people, but they aren’t familiar with who they are. That’s why I say that you, or the audience, is “Whom It May”, and “we are concerned”.