Soros Pledges 10 Million To Combat Hate Crime & A National Database/ Watchdog Group- No Org Names Released.

Soros told the newspaper that “dark forces … have been awakened” by the election and that “we must do something to push back against what’s happening here.”


My thoughts:

2016-12-01-15_35_21-spirit-cooking-google-searchGeorge Soros has spent a lot money impressing upon our country.  Throwing money around isn’t out of his nature.  What is, kind of bizarre about the above statement is his mention of, “dark forces”.

The activity of these “dark forces”, is notating the existence of a force outside of his own power.  Which goes against everything that Sorros has publicly stood throughout his life.

I even agree with his statement.  I truly do believe that there was a dark force centered around this late election.  However, I do not believe that he is on the opposition of that force.


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