#LeftOverTurkey UFO, “Attack”.

Earlier this week there was some mysterious lights pointed out over Turkey.  Due to that, my YouTube subscription box was filled with videos of the lights.  One of which I posted on this website from Dahboo7.


The video of the lights themselves was very compelling.  It seems that I myself seen the images very differently than most, but anytime that a person is skeptical about things in their skies they should in fact report it.

However, there is another video that is being attached to this occurrence that had nothing to do with it.  I fear that most people are going to be misled by this.

As Twitter user @aHEM_again points out in the post above the video attached has nothing to do with the recent UFO sighting in Turkey.  However, it was retweeted with the hashtag #UFOAttacktoturkey which was trending late Sunday night.

clyde-lewisIt turns out that the footage actually was taken in July of this year as a Jet flew past these people’s house.  This was publicised, but the recant stood no chance in the “twitter verse” due to the high amount of traffic that was being pushed to this hashtag.

Word of this sonic boom being caused by the UFO “flap” was even pushed via The Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis broadcast.

The point is, information can outrun a recant.


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