Active “STABBER” Ohio State University

My Thoughts:

Earlier today, a Buckeye Alert was issued at Ohio State University.

The Alert was sent out because there was a man with a knife, stabbing victims.

The suspect has deceased, but not before he killed one person and sent seven others to the hospital.

For several hours after the attack had began, it was thought and reported by many that the suspect had a gun, and this event was instantly labeled an active shooter situation.

Social media exploded with images of gun free zone signs that may, or may not have been posted on the doors of the Ohio State University Campus.  The fear of the looming gun collection is definitely at the forefront of our minds, and just as quick as the left would have used this as another reason to bring up gun control, the right struck back before we knew any details.

I find this to be evidence of how divided we are on this subject.

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