iCitizenNews Trip To Trump Inauguration and Up Grade Equipment #iCitizen #WeAreConcerned #iCitizenToDC

iCitizenNews Trip To Trump Inauguration and Up Grade Equipment

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Independent Citizen News,

We are a news and information website, but above all else we are a community of people, bound together by a shared set of values: Truth & Respect. These values guide our passion as journalists, & content creators and are the foundation from which we interact with you, the Truth Seeker.

Every single day, we…

Boldly inform and empower with the truth &
Independent Citizen News passionately offer commentary and insight.

iCitizenNews.Net is proud to be a true destination for news, information and entertainment.  We will continue to innovate and reimagine what we do and who we are to best serve.

After witnessing the deception of mainstream media and seeing just how badly they had misled millions of people, I have decided it is time to take action and do something about it! Frustrated by government and a lack of accountability from network journalist, I have picked up my camera and started making YouTube videos and live streaming news from the scene. Be it a protest/riot or community gatherings, political rallies and more.Please help us continue to grind for independent journalistic truth and for all of us.

If you agree with this mission then please consider contributing to Independent Citizen News LLC.

The goal for this drive is set based on I have no set figure.
Currently the site will be funded from my YouTube AdRev. (About $150 per month)

I hope OUR hard work proves our dedication
to delivering truthful info to everyone.

iCitizen Crew,

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