Tragedy In #CarrollCounty #Georgia As Kidnapping Victim Dies In fatal Car Crash 11/26/2016

Teen kidnapped by 21 year old lover at gunpoint.  The two of them were in a car crash induced by pursuit by police.  The car catches fire but police don’t want to approach the vehicle as the 21 year old was armed.

This tragedy is completely wrapped in a few social issues that should be addressed.  Disclaimer; I am not saying that I am the man that should address them, and the following opinion is based upon my personal biases.

I do not know what was going through the head of Elijah Cox, a 21 year old from Villa Rica, Georgia as he chose to take a weapon to retrieve his 16 year old fiance.

The two had been living together, but the 16 year old Raina had been taken back by her parents on Thanksgiving Day.

The retaliation from Elijah Cox was violent and unfortunately fatal, as he took a rifle to the residence earlier today and then forcibly took custody of Raina.

I believe the actions of Elijah Cox were due to a possessive and obsessive nature that he developed throughout his adolescence.  As he was taught to look at a ‘woman” as possession that a “man” must have.

The second issue we have here is his relationship with an underage teen.

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Was this a case of pedophilia?

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