Keeping The Machine At A Distance

Tomorrow, like many other companies, the company I work for will be having a Thanksgiving meal.

This is not the only communal meal that is held within a given year.  This meal, however, will be different than the rest.

A memo was sent out to request volunteers to bring different dishes for the event.  Many of my friends will be displaying their affection for me and our co-workers by bringing in a dish of their choosing.  It is for this reason that I will be partaking in tomorrow’s meal, but is atypical to my behavior.

The reason I often steer clear of communal meals and events like this, is grounded in my want to keep my relationship with my employer a professional one.

The more your employer can get you to take part in these communal events, the more they can get you to forget the reason you work there in the first place.  I work to pay my rent, and other bills.  I do not work because I am part of a, “family”.

My current employer isn’t that excessively bad about this, but I have worked for companies in the past that used these type of meals tactically to get more and more work from their employees.

This has been noted before as being cult like behavior.

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