Hillary Clinton “Plugging” Her Website

Millions of people were tuned in Sunday night as CNN hosted the 2nd 2016 Presidential Debate.  Though many were focused on the mud slinging, I was more intrigued by the Clinton’s approach to many of the questions, as she plugged her website as an answer to many of them.

“…If you go to my website…we have MILLIONS of fact checkers” as Hillary Clinton for the second time in the evening plugged her website.


Photo taken from the Livestream of the B Rich Channel.

It would be impossible to have that many fact checkers.  At some point this would be better defined as the court of public opinion.  I don’t have to spend time lamenting on the fact that the court of public opinion is often wrong.

I thought it very interesting that CNN, though they were promoting their own “fact checker”, let it go.

This aligned very well with the general rhythm of the night. Hillary didn’t have to say or do much throughout the night, because CNN was doing it for her.

The only time she was on the defense at all was from attacks from Trump.  In contrast, the majority of the time that Trump was on defense it was from attacks generated by the moderators.

The moderators, asked the same question twice about the video that was released last Friday.
The video below is a recorded LIVE commentary.  From B Rich’s Channel

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