Vaping Pseudo Victory In Pennsylvania

win_20160702_10_58_50_proLet me explaining my disgust in the policies pertaining to vaping and tobacco products.  In order to do that I must again explain the difference between the two, because according to the FDA they are one and the same.

Nicotine is found in cigarettes, cigars, dip, chewing tobacco, and snus.  Nicotine can be, and often is, added to the liquid solutions that are used in the practice of what is widely becoming known as vaping.  Besides aesthetics, this is the only common features amongst these two different items.  Nicotine is found in many other plants besides tobacco, and despite that fact, the FDA has deemed vapor products to be a subcategory of tobacco products.

Consequently, many states are using this opportunity to jump on this opportunity to begin taxing the small brick and mortar vape shops around our nation.

In example, Pennsylvania put into effect a tax that caused the vapor community to march on the capitol.

The bill would in tell that there would be 40% of wholesale price pre tax on all inventory to be sold within a vape shop.

The reason that states are jumping on this opportunity is because they have set themselves with a budget that has a conflict of interest.

Let me explain. Every state in the union takes advantage of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, an agreement reached in 1998 between big tobacco and the attorneys general of 46 states.  

The agreement was to take care of the elites on two fronts.

The government wanted to drain big tobacco for the medicaid bills that were mounting due to the amount of citizens that were smoking and continuously going to clinics. However, this agreement made it impossible for a private citizen to take big tobacco to court over injury or illness due to the effects of smoking.  Big Tobacco agreed to pay $206 Billion to the states over the following 25 years.  These funds were initially supposed to go to fund anti-smoking ads, and bullshit research organizations, but instead they are now being used in pet projects around that often rear their heads around election times.  I.E. (road construction)

Big tobacco has been severely hurt by the vape industry.

Just a personal observation, out of all of the people I know who are addicted to nicotine, 30% of them are vapors.  That number is growing.  So it would be very easy for a person to see how state officials would panic when they see 30% of those taxes go away.

The ultimate goal is to bring down Big Tobacco, and if that was accomplished.  Where would that $206 billion come from that has now been adapted to their general budget?

The march worked, kind of.  The voices were heard and a new tax plan has been written up that would include an alternative 5 cent tax on every milliliter of e liquid sold.  However, should we settle for this.  I think it is ridiculous that we would put anything more than the standard sales tax.

In case you haven’t figured it out. I want big brother out of my vape shop.

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