Mary Jane News: States Where Legalization Is Most Possible

Pot Legalization Map from

Pot Legalization Map from

Let me begin by saying that I do not smoke pot, but I believe and strive for the freedom to do so.  I would love nothing more, than to add this to the number of freedoms that I have and don’t take advantage of.

Though the federal government is holding on to prohibition of cannabis with it’s up most strength, there are states all over the union that are finally listening to the growing bulk of the population that know the truth about marijuana.

The federal stance on marijuana has no chance at change in the near future. Within the election season that is upon us, I find it interesting that this topic has hardly seen time on the debate circuit. It was only mentioned once that I can recall, and it was at that time that we found out that presidential hopeful Jeb Bush had tried marijuana recreationally earlier in his life. However, his relationship nor any other candidate’s relationship with marijuana will change their, “public position” on the topic of legalization.

Given that any of them were to reach office, they would leave the matter to the hands of the FDA. It is my opinion, that the FDA has policies that aren’t based on science, or on the court of public opinion.  Rather, they actually have policies that are based on what would be more profitable to their friends at, “Big Pharma”.

naturalsociety-com-pot-flagUntil the FDA is dethroned, they will continue to reign supreme even in the states in which have legalized, both medically and recreationally. This is also true for the states that will have ballots that are going to be cast this year to liberate the use of cannabis.


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