#HelpIsOnTheWay Mounting For Hurricane Matthew Relief

b-rich-logoIt was announced today that #HelpIsOnTheWay will be mounting efforts to send relief to the southeastern united states to those who might be left in dismay after the impact of Hurricane Matthew.

#HelpIsOnTheWay is headed by Brian Turchin also known as B_Rich of the B_Rich YouTube Channel.

In the past, #HelpIsOnTheWay has was successful in sending a group of individuals to a West Virginian community that had been devastated by flooding.

There is no doubt, that this mission will be expensive and will not be possible without help.  However, an informed decision should be made in all things.

Follow the link below to learn more about #HelpIsOnTheWay.  There you will find avenues to help if you do indeed find that it is effort that you would like to support.

There Are Many Ways To Help

-Donate Financially Click Here To Donate

-Purchase a T Shirt from Beard Rich Depot! Click Here To Visit and Shop

-Share This Information

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