While I Was Asleep: The Problem With Programming

There was a time, when I believed everything that came out of the talking heads on the television.

That time is over now, and like many others I refer to this time as, “before I woke” or “when I was asleep”.

I, like many other, refer to this period in our lives this way because the fact of the matter is that reality makes a lot more sense now that I have seen that we are lied to on regular basis to fit certain agendas by the main stream media.

That agenda or narrative is solely reliant on controlling the information that people have access to.

If they can control what we “know”, they can control our biases.  Because it is what we “know” that help us to develop the biases, and convictions that we live our lives by.

Right now, I am watching on a daily basis as my countries people are fighting and arguing with one another based on these biases and convictions. A general hate, for people supporting one narrative or another is being formulated.

These biases and convictions that people are fighting so strongly about are being fed to them via the main stream media.

Systematically, they are controlling the people because these people only subject themselves to certain types of programming.

I was lucky.  I liked the programming to much.  I subjected myself to a variety of shows and news outlets.  I would spend hours listening to a radio show of a far right narrative (fox news), and then spend just as many more hours watching television of a far left narrative (nbc).  It had me split right down the middle. Almost like a split personality.

I had found a hole in their plan, and a hole that many aren’t as lucky to find.

There is hope though.  I believe that people are “waking up” on a daily basis.  The number of people that are turning off their television sets and stepping away from the programming is growing.

However, the collaborative effort of pact journalism is not out of the fight.  They still control the majority of information that gets out and are using their power to influence the people to outrage.

Group think is natural, and it is dangerous.  It is being exploited.

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