YouTube Content Creator One Week Strike Thanksgiving 2016

dutchsinse-logo Dutchsinse is talking some sense.  YouTube is talking “cens-orship”, and Dutch wants to show them the cents.

On YouTube, there are a wide range of opinions and often that leads to disagreement among content creators.  Disagreements that lead often to feuds.  Feuds that then lead to vendettas, and this is leaving a hole in the infrastructure for a new program just made public by YouTube.

The new program will allow people to sign up to be moderators of all YouTube content.  After six months in the program, all along flagging videos for what they deem to be of poor taste, they will gain the ability to mass flag videos.  So, someone with a vindictive agenda could potentially attack a channel and after 3 flags have the channel brought down.

In reaction to this, Dutch has called on content creators to go on strike for a week to try and use fiscal reaction to have YouTube change it’s policies.

For the record, I agree with Dutch on this particular topic and will be participating.

Dutchsinse explains it better in the video below, remember to like, comment, and subscribe while you are visiting.

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