Southern Fried Creepy Clowns

Recently there have been reports in Georgia and other parts of the south to law enforcement, of people dressed as clowns often times causing mysteuf.  Actually often times they aren’t doing anything inherently bad, but that doesn’t stop concern to overwhelm those who witness it.

I was recently listening to an episode of Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis as he was addressing the issue.  On that particular episode he brought light to the origins of clowns and why so many might suffer from coulrophobia or a fear of clowns.

Unaware at all to the origins of clownliness, I have actually had a measurable fear of clowns since I was a child.  My main issue with them is the smiling or laughter that often times seems unmerited.  So maybe my fear isn’t of clowns but those who don’t have control over their emotions.


Robin Williams in the 1998 Film, “Patch Adams”


Dr. Patch Adams M.D.

During the time of the black plague, clowns acted nearly as physicians to fight depression caused by the illness that the victims were facing, and in one man this still holds true as good practice.

In the 1998 film Patch Adams starring Robin Williams, the filmmakers made a decent attempt to tell the story of the real Dr. Patch Adams.  The doctor prides himself and his clinic as being the silly hospital, and only agreed to the movie being produced to help him open a clinic where he would be able to afford his patience actual care.

However, this isn’t the type of clown that has so many people concerned.


The Joker

These clowns have been reported as being seen in wooded areas, road sides, or chasing down children at school bus stops, but there has been absolutely no evidence of actual harm.  Yet, the general consensus is that this is bad, and it should stop because for some reason, there is a mass hallucination that is spreading over the Southeastern United States.

On that episode of Ground Zero, Clyde played audio of a lady calling into a 911 dispatch office reporting that, “the killer clown, was there”.

The dispatch officer seemed confused, and the lady on the phone in a panic.  The officer had to have her repeat herself a number of times, and eventually she got her address to dispatch an officer to investigate.

There is widely believed conception that there has been a confirmed case of a clown riding around in a van trying to lure children with candy or snacks, but there has not been a single confirmed case of that nature.

Just thought this was weird. Thanks for reading.

Listen to the Ground Zero Episode below.


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