The Frequency Calls: Hearing The Call From 9/11 Victims

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Leigh Stewy

On Sunday 9/11/2016, Leigh Stewy was at the memorial of the 9/11 attacks in New York City.

The event in itself was saturated in mourning for those that were lost that day, and the entire nation seemed to be represented there at a nation wide funeral.  She experienced something very odd while she was there, and it would be easy to excuse her experience due to the collective emotional state from the crowd that had gathered.

As she was live streaming, and the crowd was gathered around the memorial fountain, she had an overwhelming sorrow that seemed to creep from somewhere outside of herself.  Tears gathered in her eyes, and she reported that she quote, “got very emotional” while standing near the fountain, but otherwise felt fine.

There is a possibility that this could be explained away by someone with a degree in psychology, of which I don’t have so I have no choice but to look at this scenario from a different perspective then the one that is often taken when concerning events like this.

I would like to bring the theory to the table that Leigh was actually experiencing a direct interaction from the spiritual realm that day.

As strange as that may sound I have two things to support this statement.

  1. world-trade-center-memorial-fountain

    World Trade Center Memorial Fountain, New York City

    Though I am not a paranormal investigator, or at least not the type that you typically see on television sitting in dark rooms asking to talk to those who might exist in a different plain of reality, I think that there might be some credence to the thought that spirits are attracted to running water.  After all, running water has a frequency and falling water shines light on potential energy.  Before the readily availability of electronic voice recorders, the sound of running water was used as a catalyst medium in recording EVP or (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) via cassette tapes.

  2. While in New York, Leigh was working with another well known independent journalist named Erick M.  He experienced a strange phenomenon with his battery packs loosing power and then regaining power, which has often been linked to paranormal activity.  The theory of that is based on the idea that those in the spiritual realm need electricity to manifest and often drain battery power from any electronic mobile devices.

In all seriousness I may never have an answer, but I stand firm on the idea that what Leigh experienced on that day will continue to happen to others at this site.  Though the technology used to communicate with those from the other realm quickly approaches, I must wonder if it is a good idea that we even try to make contact at this site.

Earlier that day that had the memorial closed off to the public.  Allowing the family and friends of the victims in to pay their respects before the place was taken over by the general public. There seemed to be a large group of people in that category, but there was another group of folks that didn’t want to show up.

People deal with loss in different ways, and this loss is one that was felt nation wide.  Some of the friends and family of the victims chose to stay away simply because they didn’t want to be in the place where they had lost their loved ones, as apposed to others that felt like it was necessity for their healing process to be there.

Truly, I do believe that the country as a whole will be dealing with the images we saw that day for the rest of our lives.  I’m not sure that it is in the interest of everyone for us to try and contact those that might have been there last Sunday

I’d like to thank Leigh Stewy for sharing her story, and Erick M for the video below.  Please, Like, Comment, and Subscribe while you are there.



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