Kratom, The DEA Playing Doctor

clyde-lewisThe first time I heard about this story was on an episode of Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis.

Clyde Lewis, for those who aren’t familiar, is a radio journalist from Portland, Oregon.  I have listened to nearly every episode of his show over the past three years.  The reason I do so is because he often brings a perspective to the table that is separate from that of the mainstream.

Often he pushes the envelope on the personal biases of many folks, including myself.  On his show he has often talks about the dangers of seeking a confirmation bias, and I agree in his stance.  He believes that if we don’t push on our own opinions, then how strong can the foundation of our beliefs be.

However, I have never agreed with him more on the topic of the D.E.A’s pending ban on the herbal medication kratom.

kratomIt is of my opinion, that like marijuana, this alternative medication is one that is much safer than the ones that are given to patients at physician offices everywhere.

I am not alone in that opinion.  During the broadcast there were 10,000 additional signatures on the white house petition to have this sanction by the D.E.A. over ruled.

Click Here to visit the petition site, and use your own discernment.

Clyde brought up another good point, that we need to come to terms with.

He noted that there are many substances that are used on a daily basis without the connotation of substance abuse.  However, those substances are noted for having mood changing affects on the user.



One thing that Clyde did not bring up, was another substance that I have mentioned in previous articles.


win_20160702_10_58_50_proEarlier this year sanctions by the D.E.A on electronic cigarettes.  The new sanction put the label of, “tobacco product” on electronic cigarettes because of it’s content of nicotine.  However, nicotine can be found in many other plants, as it is a natural pesticide.

Though other products that can be purchased in nearly every pharmacy in the country contain nicotine, the label of “tobacco product” hasn’t been put on them.

It is of my opinion that this label is being used because “Big Pharma” was incapable of cashing in on what has become the most successful cessation method in the world.

It all actually leads to that point. It is my opinion, that the D.E.A is placing these sanctions for that very reason.

Besides substances, actions can alter behavior as well.  Not that I am supporting their definition of kratom as being addictive, but when will it be socially accepted for them to put sanctions on your actions due to the addictive nature of that.


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