Underground World News: 09/08/2016

Earlier today, Dahboo7 released what information he knows about the shooting that took place at Alpine High School in West Texas.

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DEA cracking down on Kratom.  An organic plant matter that has helped with those detoxing from heroine.

A hacking technology used by law enforcement is revealed.

Ah Shit! Dark Matter detector in South Dakota? Why do they continue to push on the seams of reality.

Obama says, “Americans are too lazy to explore the world.”

Personal Note: However, he didn’t tell the foreign ears, that our public school system doesn’t hold enough importance in our budget to educate people about other parts of the world.  He also didn’t tell them about how much our worlds history our public school system covers up all together.

Jill Stein has an arrest warrant issued, and now the national guard has been called up at the North Dakota Pipeline Protest to put the American citizens under control.


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