The War On Independent Journalism – Update

Like most of you, I am well aware of the much needed reform in our judicial system, and I am well aware of the murders of citizens by police officers that were incapable of doing their jobs with courage.

However, there is a well known movement that is being orchestrated and funded by lobbyist and is being used to exploit emotional biases, and the public want for a change to fit their own agenda.

It has been proven by independent journalist on numerous occasion that protest provocateurs are being paid to infiltrate rallies and protest to escalate things often to a dangerous level as we have seen in the past. I.E. Baltimore

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However, something happened this week that further proves that there is something strange going on.  As my dad would say, “guilty dog, barks first”.

Erica Mines of Philadelphia confronted Erick M and told him he needed to leave because she didn’t agree that his opinion of BLM was, “appropriate”.  Turns out, she supports equality in rights, as long as it doesn’t impend on her opinion.

The video below was shared by The Bernie Trump Perspective.  It notates the actions of Erica Mines, as she harassed Erick M an independent journalist of the Philadelphia region.

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