Possible Close Encounter of the Third Kind

Anthony Choy Close up

Dr. Anthony Choy

Anthony Choy is an investigative journalist with a passion for the paranormal.  Specifically his work is focused on the topics of the extraterrestrial.  On Friday evening he and others were at gas station where they encountered a glowing object that seemed be floating at eye level, the top of which Choy recanted as resembling a skull.

After a few days of thousands of people looking over the footage, there were many explanations of the occurrence that arose.  One of these explanations caught my attention and was immediately denied as being viable by Choy himself, because at first glance he was thinking the same.

Mirror.uk.co quoted Choy as saying,  “Initially we thought it was a robot or drone but this has been ruled out because it made no noise, there was no engine or rotors.”

I however think that this theory should still be considered as an explanation.  For in fact, if this was a drone of extraterrestrial nature then we are familiar with, it might indeed be made with technology that we aren’t familiar with.

Choy's floating object

The Object

Choy’s testimony from the event noted that the object disappeared before an impact with a passing transfer truck, then reappeared after the transfer truck passed.  The video taken that night wasn’t clear enough to distinguish this, but this action alone leads credence to the idea that the object may feature technology native to our understanding anyway.

Other features of the object as he described it, was a pair of red glowing eyes, pumpkin sized head, and a skull that was glowing a bluish color.

To find the cellphone footage, click here.

The video below was security cam footage from the gas station featured on Choy’s YouTube page.

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