Jinn: The Truth about Genie

The pictures to the left is from the 1992 Disney movie, Aladdin.

For years, I have loved and adored this character, this was primarily due to the voice over being done by one of my favorite comedians, Robin Williams.  Mr. Robin Williams, before his demise in 2014 was, in my opinion, one of the best voice artist in the world.  Even during his stand-up acts he could transform himself into various characters at the drop of a hat. With this he was capable of captivating audiences of all ages.  It is only becoming clear to me now, that this was being used to prepare children to accept the coming influence of a new race of people.

However, the documentation of our interaction with this race of people from a different plane of reality has been lost in translation of ancient beliefs.

Evidence of this interaction can be found in the oldest documents in the world.

familiar spirit

familiar spirit

I was surprised to find that the jinn were mentioned in the bible.  However, when the King James Version of the bible was developed, things like this were changed to scripture that was thought to be more acceptable by the general public, and would allow the church to more easily control the people. The word Jinn was changed to “familiar spirit”, and can be found in Leviticus 19:31, 20:6Ultimately, we are called not to deal with these, but it is of my belief that the world wants to open communication with them. Leviticus 19:31 also admits that these spirits exist on the same plane as the dead.  It was also noted that King Solomon had a ring that would allow him to control the spirits or Jinn.  It is also believed that the Jinn can possess people, much like some christian denominations believe that a person can be possessed  by demons.




Alexander Graham Bell

Another famous voice artist was Alexander Graham Bell. Though he isn’t widely known for this and is more widely known for the invention of the telephone, but in 2002 congress admitted that it was an Italian immigrant Antonio Meucci who was the actual inventor. In all actuality, Mr. Bell hated the idea that out of all of his work, the telephone was what he would be famous for.  Bell, like his father and grandfather, had worked on Elocution.  He also did a lot of work to try and communicate with his wife who was deaf. It is believed by many, that he continued this after her death, and the true intention of Alexander was not to create a machine to talk to one another, but rather to talk to the dead.  This however, is legend, and will never be known for truth.

If it was truth than, the rivalry between he and Elisha Gray wouldn’t have been so close.  However, this rivalry might have been only in the head of Mr. Gray because he is the only one of the two that acknowledged it.


shiva at cern

Shiva statue at CERN


CERN Hadron Collider

Today, the attempt by scientist to “rip the veil” between us and that other plain of existence is costing millions of dollars and according to some researchers, putting our existence in danger.

Scientist at CERN have noted that their primary reason for research is to find the fabric of reality.

I think it worth noting that the sculpture that sits in the courtyard at CERN is of Shiva.  Shiva is a known by many as the god of destruction, and like the Jinn, is often depicted as having blue skin.

It might also be noted that this is the root word for the word, “genius”.  A title that is often placed on those that work at CERN.

The overall goal here is to notate, that they are preparing us for interaction with these beings.  And working eagerly, to open the portal that would allow us to do that very thing.  The video above notes that the illuminati are preparing for “Dajjal”, and that translates to, “the anti-christ”.

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