Independent Journalist Covering Milwaukee Riot

Hats off to the people trying the hardest out there to make sure we have unfiltered raw news to give the people.  This is prime example, of why independent/citizen journalism is so important, because the only people covering this event beside the local Fox affiliate in Milwaukee, were citizens out there. If you read this and are interested in streaming please contact us.

Special Thanks to EX414, this individual was trying his best to hold a Live Stream and was the only source of video out there in the streets.

Saturday evening Erick M, B Rich, PressResetEarth, The Watchers were getting ready to shut down After Hours, their weekly show whendownload Erick M was informed that riots had broken out in Milwaukee, after a young man lost his life during an interaction with police. Note that I say
interaction, because given the evidence I currently have, I feel that the officer’s use of his weapon was justified.  However, the excessive amount of bullets used was highly concerning.  And the Body Camera Footage hasn’t been released to the public, though the purpose of the
cameras in first place was to protect both the officers and the citizens.  Though, the court of public opinion is rough at times, there is no organization willing to protect the objection (in this case Syville Smith) like the FOP protect their own.

Our Prayers to the family of Syville Smith

So it is of my opinion that this footage should be released immediately.

Below Is the Episode of After Hours that eventually led to coverage of this event into the early morning.

Later on in the evening, there were more streams. B Rich, Erick M, Press Reset Earth, and The Watchers, were joined by Leigh Stewy, and the link to the video below was posted on 4Chan and soon it was being watched by people all over the world.

Later on, B Rich had to drop his stream and he passed the gauntlet to Press Reset Earth




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