The FDA Can Go “Regulate” Themselves!

Jacob Sullum, a tip of my hat to you!

Jacob SullumToday, I read an article that quickly reminded me of my disdain for the Food and Drug Administration.  I shouldn’t need a reminder because they nearly killed my father, by allowing drugs on the market that they new would destroy his Liver, and how they are constantly trying to kill us all by allowing canned cocktails of varying chemicals in our grocery stores.

The article was written by Jacob Sullum, a contributor to  As I read his work, I was very moved.  If had been in the same room as Mr. Sullum I might have given him a heart felt hug. Click Here to see article

The above photo was retrieved from Jacob Sullum Twitter Page.  Click Here and then Follow.

The reason for such an emotional response was due to the abstract attitude he took to this topic.  It is very difficult to find someone within the a circle of main stream journalism, who can approach a government organization so critically.

In the article, Sullum notes a few of the reasons why the FDA’s new regulatory laws on Electronic Cigarettes, Electronic Hookahs, or other products commonly used within the construct, are in many ways against the best interest of the general public.  Furthermore, he also notes that the label of such products as being that of which the FDA names, “a tobacco product” is really up to the discretion of the FDA with seemingly no accountability to be hadWIN_20160811_19_30_26_Pro.

Please note that nicotine is found in almost every plant as a natural pesticide, but there is a significant amount in the tobacco plant, and the mere presence of nicotine should not be the defining factor in what is considered a tobacco product.  Nicotine alone is no more dangerous for you than caffeine, but the most addictive parts of cigarettes and other tobacco products are the additional 4,000+ chemicals in them.

I first started my research on this topic about a year ago as I was considering opening a “vape shop” of my own.

In case you aren’t familiar with the term “vape shop”, it is typically what someone would call a store devoted to the sale of Electronic Cigarettes, Electronic Hookahs, Mods, Coils, Drip Tips, Cartimizers, Atomizers, Tanks, Cock Rings (A piece of rubber to go around the tank used to store the e-liquid, or e-juice), and E-Juice.

Up until the past eight or nine months they have were popping up everywhere.  The reason for that is the success of this technology for getting people off of cigarettes.  Though the main stream media is going to keep silent about this, and only tell you what Philip Morris and his friends at Big Pharma want you to know.  I began to do a bit more research about the products and stumbled across an article from the American Heart Association.   Click Here for the article.  It’s a load of shit, but it’s worth noting it while I tell you the rest of the story.

After reading this I wondered, “why in the world would the American Heart Association be posting such a critical article on this technology without more the results of studies.”  It occurred to me that the American Heart Association is a non profit, and needs funding to keep their own heart beating, after all one of the major sources for my own biases are generated from my pocket.  I’m not an ass hole, I’m just telling the truth!

I wasn’t at all surprised to find that one of the number one funding companies of the American Heart Association was Phizer Pharmaceuticals.  It turns out, that along with a wide range of other medicines, the number one I knew about was ChantixClick Here to see the PDF, where it says that Phizer gave them $70,000.

If you aren’t familiar with Chantix.  It is an anti-depressant that is given to people who are trying to quit smoking, and has a long list of side affects that include, “thoughts of suicide”.  Unfortunately, it was also the leading form of cessation before “vapes” came along and stole it’s thunder.

I can’t prove that the motives of the American Heart Association were swayed by the $70,000, however you have to admit it looks suspicious. They get away with it everytime, so this will be no different and in two years you will see the mom and pop vape stores around the country close, and Philip Morris will be granted the key to the metaphorical city.



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