The War On Independent Journalism – Update

Though I believe that this has been in motion for a while, I believe that the war on independent journalism is about to be taken to a new level.

I first came to this reasonable deduction, a few weeks back after the conclusion of the RNC and DNC.

At the RNC, I and many other witnessed as the secret service or “Cat Team” was notating the movements of a YouTuber by the name of B Rich as he walked around documenting the events and various demonstrators in Cleveland. The night before that, he and Dahboo7 were involved in a high speed chase as they were being tailed by someone. While Erick M., a YouTuber from Philadelphia, was documenting the events at the DNC, he was also being watched as well.


Yesterday afternoon, the eyes of the world were turned toward Trump Tower in New York City as a young man scaled the building via the use of suction cups.  I would normally right this off it hadn’t been for the video that was uncovered by B Rich about the event.  In the video, the young man explains why he would be doing the climb, and instructed the viewer to make the video viral so that Donald Trump would see it. Video Below…

Though my initial thought was that this wasn’t the same person that scaled the tower, after further investigation, I believe that this video message legitimately came from the same person.

After seeing the observation that was taking place at the RNC and DNC, which actually had more journalist present than demonstrators.  Then the spectacle that this young man put on, it is my belief that this was a practice run for the false flag that I believe they will pin on an independent journalist.

This is precisely the reason why we need to support independent journalist.  These are the people that filter through the bull shit and get to the reality of the stories that are either diluted or neglected by the main stream media out to the people.

Though there are many like it, brings the best quality of transparent news stories to their subscribers.  I suggest that you go visit their website, and if you find it fiscally possible back their KickStarter campaign.


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