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I’m Pretty Excited!

Thursday night on B Rich’s YouTube Channel, history will be made. As Leigh & KSmall, two lovely ladies who are typically moderators for LIVE streams for various channels, are now taking to the microphones to bring their interpretation of current events from the perspective that we have grown to love.

There aren’t enough women putting themselves out there, and I hope that we can encourage more.” says Leigh.

 Which really aligned with what I was thinking as well.  This paradigm shift in the way information is being passed via LIVE streams, has been fore fronted by men, and though more and more people are waking up, it doesn’t seem like women are taking to the mic to get the truth out there as often.

At the current moment, there is only air an opportunity to get your voice out there, and Leigh & KSmall have full intention on taking advantage of that.

KSmall has made quite a few appearances on After Hours with B Rich, Erick M, and The Watchers and other various shows.  KSmall brings nothing but the best of her passion and excitement for informing others, and she does so with her “light as feather but will sting you like a bee” style.

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Leigh has never really had an opportunity to LIVE stream in the eyes of a larger audience like this, but she has a few videos posted on her channel that are great, and will give you a great indication of the brilliance that she will bring to the show.

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2016-08-10 15_11_32-Leigh (@LeighStewy) _ Twitter

All-In-All, do not take my word for it.  I have all but blatantly boasted of my personal biases for these two ladies, so you can’t take my opinion seriously.  You’ll have to check out for yourself, Thursday Night at 9:00 PM EST on B Rich’s YouTube Channel 

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