Sunday Truth Lounge

Sunday afternoon, as I was taking advantage of the ability to wear shorts and lounge at my own discretion.  I was interested to see that Erick M., a YouTuber from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who was responsible for getting some of the footage from the DNC a few weeks ago, had gone LIVE in mid-afternoon.

This was a bit shocking because Erick typically doesn’t Live Stream unless it is of a serious nature, or he is co-hosting “After Hours” with B-Rich and The Watchers.

Erick M is slightly reserved in what he talks about, though when there is a call to action is the first to put himself in harms way at the opportunity to get the truth to the people.  I wasn’t even familiar with his work until I seen a re-tweet with a link where he was broadcasting a Black Lives Matters march LIVE from the street of Philadelphia in early July, and couldn’t resist but join in on the chat.

Click Here To See That Live Stream

Though Erick is quiet, that night I learned that he was courageous.

At times the crowd was so thick and the chants so loud, that even sitting behind my monitor I couldn’t hear myself think.  A situation like Erick had put himself in, was the typical environment for a false flag to occur, and this guy ran to it like I did as child when somebody lit up a birthday cake.

Since watching that stream, I have slightly looked up to Erick, and decided that if I got the call to action I would do no less, and it was then that the path for had been made.

Together with his co-host, friend, and room mate, Brian McFadden I have no doubt that the show will be no less than entertaining, educating, and welcoming to new faces to the status of, “awaken”.

“I’d like the name the Sunday Truth Lounge, because I want this to be a safe place to relax and learn from one another.” said Erick M. on the premier broadcast Sunday.

If your interested in joining the conversation, Erick M. and Brian will be going LIVE Sunday afternoon at 1:30pm EST.

I will be there, and I hope you will be as well.

Premier Episode



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