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On August 5th a Kick Starter campaign was launched by the UndergroundWorldNews.com founder commonly referred to as Dahboo7.

“Our biggest obstacles are what most Main Stream reporters take for granted, and that’s the cost of Basic Travel, Lodging and Equipment to get the job done. These costs are covered for the Main Stream reporters by Big Money, but has become the number one obstacle for Independent Journalists Like Us.” as it is written in the “bio” section of the Kickstarter Page for this hard working group of independent journalist.

The underlying truth behind this statement is, that the “Big Money” that cover these “Main Stream reporters” comes with a “bought and paid for” bias that will inherently filter the stories that they cover.  Couple that fact with constant interaction with government agencies about how they will cover them, and it is nearly impossible for any truth to come from a cable news network.

However, though Dahboo7 might not be aware, the term “Main Stream” is losing it’s footing.  This seems to be consensus among other reporters as well. On a daily basis people are coming to terms with the fact that network news sources are doctoring, and sometimes ignoring stories on a regular basis.  This leaves room in their lives for a new source, and a need to seek informers  that haven’t sold their credibility to the highest bidder.

A few nights ago, I was listening to Clyde Lewis.

Clyde Lewis is the host of a nationally syndicated radio program out of Portland, Oregon called Ground Zero.  Though Clyde’s voice can be heard belting from channels that typically broadcast propaganda from the Republican or Democratic parties, he owns and manages all of his own content.  Thus, I believe that he falls into the category of independent journalist as well.

On that particular evening Clyde was discussing the convention season, and the “Main Stream Media’s” failure in their attempt to cover the events. The overall topic for that night was about the paradigm shift that is taking place in the world of journalism. The episode was entitled, Fourth Estate or Fifth Column. Click Here to listen to the episode.

The paradigm shift that Mr. Lewis was referencing is being driven by the people due to the newly transparent lack of credibility in what has been the traditional form of journalism since the invention of the printing press.

On a more regular basis people are looking to one another for news.  It is common practice by many, to check their “facebook news feed” within minutes of waking up.  Though this often leads to disinformation within the people, and an ever punctual “court of public opinion”, people are leaning this way rather than being blatantly lied too.

For a while now, there have been content creators who have exploited the fact that disinformation is being welcomed with open arms.  Unfortunately this is the nature of the beast, and as if by miracle those same content creators are the ones with the most viewers, and it is because there is no check and balance for their content.

While Dahboo7 was with B Rich at the RNC in Cleveland they documented the entire production of a fake conflict between two, “independent journalist” from different channels.  They were able to do so with dignity because they were live streaming the entire event, with complete transparency.  A transparency that we need desperately if the truth has any chance of survival.

“If we can reach our goal, we look to change the way live stream journalism is done all together. We are targeting coverage of the 2016 election debates and other key events before years end if we can achieve our goal. Without the backing of the people, True Independent Journalism will Die in the streets. ” – Underground World News

Use the link below and go read the bio page, then make an informed opinion about pledging to support Phase 1 of The Underground World News Project. Pledges close on September 9th.


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