Zika Virus & Mystery Video

The Governor of Florida requested help from CDC earlier today.  Specifically with the door to door urine sample collection and analysis portion of this exercise for global domination.

I thought it very interesting that there was a thumbnail attached to the article of a man in a plague doctor outfit.

Zika Virus

Note that this outfit was intended to prevent the physician himself from getting infected, the first ever hazmat suit if you will.  However, to cover the putrid smell of rotting corpses they stuffed the beak of the mask with flowers, which at the time, were also thought to filter out bacteria.

I hadn’t seen this imagery in over a year and the last time I did, it was on a very strange video released in May of 2015.  See the video below. Disclaimer: Some people find the imagery to be a bit disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

I do believe that this video might have been foreshadowing, but at this time I am incapable of diving into it full frontal. So, please help. I am asking the community to come forth with any ideas they might have to further connections with the Zika Virus and the “Red Lips Like Tenth” video.

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