Send #HelpIsOnTheWay to Maryland For Flood Relief

Help Is On The Way, is a new non profit organization that is only in the developmental stages, however, they made a huge difference in the lives of residence in West Virginia in early July as the small town of Rainelle in the recovery after a flash flood left many parts of the town in desperation.

Video From B Rich’s Channel

Now, help is needed in Maryland for a flood caused by what is being called a “rain bomb” and is the direct result of Weather Warfare.  The video below shows evidence of the manipulation of our atmosphere in a way that directly affects the course of the rain bans.

Video from Kart Racer’s Channel

The following video is from YouTube Channel of the founder of Help Is On The Way, B Rich.

To help fund Help Is On The Way please Click Here. And if you cannot afford a fiscal donation, please share the links, subscribe to channel, and lets bring more and more awareness to these events and issues.

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