Reverse Speech & Witch Craft at the RNC and DNC

David Oates is the leading specialist, and some actually credit him to the discovery, of Reverse Speech.

Reverse speech is still consider a pseudo science to most.  However, there is a large and growing subculture of the world that is lending more acceptance to the possibility that there is something to be gained from analyzing the audio that comes from recording a persons speech and playing it backwards.

In the mid to late 70’s it was popular to listen to Led Zeppelin’s: Stairway To Heaven backwards to hear Robert Plant speak a prayer to Satan.  Actually, though this is commonly seen in the music industry to this day and is mistaken to be reverse speech by definition, this isn’t the same phenomenon.

Unlike the earlier mentioned, famous “Sweet Satan” prayer, reverse speech is unintentional.

It is believed by Mr. David Oates and his followers, that everyone’s sub conscience has a very real voice that finds it’s way out in our physical voice.  It is of their opinion, that often this voice is reflection of our true intention, conscience, and what others might call, “inner speak”.

The latest work by Mr. Oates revealed things from either candidate during the convention season, that I feel is interesting at the least.

For more information, please watch my video below.

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