Convention Season Overall Report

The #RNCinCle

The republican national convention was held in Cleveland, Ohio.  I’ve never seen Cleveland in person, but due to the amount of live streamers in and around the city during that week I was able to see it nearly perfectly.  Yes, there was the occasional lagging, and often the streams would be dropped without any apparent reason, but collectively it was like having a tour of the city through the eyes of Armageddon.

In my opinion, the amount of law enforcement, per citizens was a little daunting.  I would even go as far as to say unnecessary.  However, after seeing the density of people that would later go to Philadelphia for the democratic national convention, I would like to merely suggest that the reasoning behind that was to protect the delegates from being attacked, or injured by the protestors.

Don’t misinterpret what I am saying, there were lots of protestors in Cleveland, and law enforcement is necessary.  However, there were definitively more protestors in Philadelphia and the amount of law enforcement was lower.

I think the sheer amount of law enforcement was placed to intimidate any actual protestors.

It worked, the climax of marches and other demonstrations in Cleveland happened the Sunday before the actual convention even began. My deduction of this is, the reconnaissance teams came in reported back to their handlers, and on Monday the announcement was made that the BLM would not be participating in any demonstration around the city.  Though some believe in that there is a pure hearted agenda in the BLM movement, there is mounting evidence that would suggest that the leaders of the BLM have fiscal ties to George Sorros, and only hold a motive to show up at these events as provocateurs.  This is also the case for other groups as well, however the group has chosen exclusive inclusion.  Exclusive inclusion comes with it’s ups and downs.

In the earlier part of the week we seen lots of activity.  At one point there was a large number of stickers that had poisonous adhesive applied to them, and if contact was made to the epidermis the poison would enter the blood stream.  Despite this activity, due to the large number of reporters and journalist in the streets, the later part of the event led to law enforcement needing to fill their time by paying more attention to the reporters themselves.

This became evident as Dahboo7 and B Rich, both of which are independent journalist who cover stories from the perspective of the vastly growing population of the world that believe that the mainstream media are either neglecting or altering stories all together to meet the agenda of the “elites”, were denied access to an alley way that I myself had witnessed them walking along on several occasions previously during the event via their live stream feeds.

This is a long video, but the scenario I am talking about is at 1:27:00. Subscribe to Dahboo77 and Dahboo777 as well!

An even stronger emphasis was added to the fact that there was a decreased amount of activity as Alex Jones of Info Wars and a member of the Young Turks crew, fabricated and published an altercation, because of the lack of incidents that occurred. Please note, that I say this because they came to Public Square, in Cleveland and set up all kinds of stuff as if it were movie set.  To quote a B Rich, “if there is no news, you make news.”

In one particular instance, on Friday evening, as people from all around the world were watching the live stream of B Rich, the number of channels that were screen casting it, where many were also casting live scanner feeds heard a law enforcement agent’s notation of his entering and exiting of a porter-john. It was then communicated to that officer that they were being watched by, “Cat”.  “Cat”, is a term that, after some research, was revealed to mean secret service.  Though this encounter at the time was slightly comical, it would later get concerning.

This is a shorter video, subscribe to B Rich while you are there.

As B Rich was attempting to leave the city, he turned his front facing camera on to address the crowd to find that he was being followed by a man with an extremely tight jacket that revealed his side arm.  Shortly after the discovery, he turned a corner and waited.  As the man came around the corner he looked down the road expecting to see B Rich at the original distance in which he was following him, but was surprised to notice that B Rich was not there, and flinched at the fact that he was now looking eye to eye with the man he had been following.

This is another long video.  You can start watching at 3:21:00 for evidence of this occurrence. Again, sub to B Rich!

For more footage you can see the majority of the footage at. Please to subscribe to my channel while you are there.

The #DNCinPhil

As people began move to Philadelphia Sunday for the democratic national convention, and the streamers began to post videos, it became very much evident that the police presence was much less than what we had seen the week before.  However, the amount of protesters and provocateurs had been multiplied by ten.  Though communist groups were present in Cleveland, now the addition of the BLM movement, democracy spring, green peace party, pot party, and the “Christians” from Westboro Baptist Church, the amount of demonstrators was much more than what we saw in Cleveland.

It seemed as if the entire nation had representation, and they were waiting on Bernie Sanders to renounce his support of Hillary Clinton, and when it didn’t happen Tuesday, there were hundreds of delegates who walked out of the convention.  Meanwhile, coming down Broad St. in the opposite direction a very large BLM march was headed towards the convention.  As the two groups came closer to meeting in the middle of the road, I was very concerned with what was going to happen next.  However, when they met members of each group began celebrating at the motion that just had taken place.

Though there was much more activity there by demonstrators, but there was still people there watching as Erick M, native of Philadelphia was having his picture by a man in a red shirt, and another man in the crowd at BLM demonstration.

at 00:05:49 a man in red took pictures of Erick M. Subscribe to Erick M over there.

At 00:12:00, B Rich tried to speak to a Free Mason private security for one of the mainstream reporters, and got the cold shoulder.  He and Press For Truth were speaking together.  Sub to B Rich!

For more footage from this event please visit and subscribe to my channel

The actions I have seen over the past few days, is even more evidence that the average citizen knows that there is something very wrong with the current path of our country.None of us can put a face on the problem, and unfortunately, this means that we have and will continue to blame one another.  This in my opinion, is why independent media is so important.

The information that you get comes from someone with a bias.  This bias, may be fiscal, it maybe emotional, it may theological, and that is a problem.  All of the drivers behind these biases at this current time, have, or are being manipulated by the “elites”.  I have to have faith that we aren’t this horrible to people out of nature.

Our community is showing a threat to “status quo”.  In several the videos posted above this is very apparent, but while in Cleveland, Dahboo7 and B Rich found themselves in a dangerous situation as they found themselves in a high speed chase.  They had interaction with many groups over the course of the event, and there is no telling who was in that other vehicle

00:28:00 the team noticed the tail, and tried to get them off their trail.

One other thing that, I felt was worth mentioning, was the fact that the Philadelphia Police Department had a large amount of people recording the event via HD cameras.

This is only concerning because, I have suspicion that there will soon be a false flag event that would incriminate the up and coming independent journalist of the world. They would gain alot to demonize this growing form of information exchange.

We need to band together to expose the vast amount of lies that people are being exposed to on a daily basis.  Please follow the twitter pages, and subscribe to the YouTube channels that I have presented today.  If you feel it fiscally possible please donate to the individuals. I appreciate all of you.

If you would like to contact me you can do so at or via the @WhomItMay on Twitter.

Thank you for your time. You are Whom It May, I am Bobby D, and we are concerned.

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