Visiting the Budapest Cemetery, Tallapoosa, Georgia, USA

KC Easterwood and I, decided we wanted to shine some light on a small portion of the vast history  we have here in the western part of Georgia, USA.  To do so, we visited the Budapest Cemetery of Tallapoosa, Georgia.

haralson1904map  There, is the resting place of a small group of immigrants that came to West Georgia in 1888 from Pennsylvania, where they had been miners. With the permission of the a local land developer by the name of Ralph L. Spencer, the wine-making families colonized and started a small community just east of the Tallapoosa.  The community was named by the new residence, “Budapest” after the capital of Hungary, where most of the residence had originally come from.

Muscadine wine, and other products with muscadines, is still a large part of our local ecnomy to this day.

See our visit by clicking the link below

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