The Dangers of K2: My Personal Story.

Recently, users of the synthetic drug, k-2, have been on the news and various other media outlets stumbling around like a bunch of extras on the set of a really bad zombie movie.

While this is fresh on everyone’s minds, I felt it necessary for me to tell my story.


I’m ashamed to admit it, but if I could prevent someone else picking it up by telling you how it has affected me and my family directly then it will be well worth it.

I used to use spice, which is another name for the drug.

I was originally attracted to it due to the fact that it didn’t show up on a drug screen.  I was excited that, I could use this instead of weed, not have to worry about losing my job, or getting arrested for possession. Need not forget how convenient it was. In 2010, it could be found in every convenient store, any privately owned liquor store, and many wine cellars around the East Alabama town that I lived in.

It only took one time of use, to figure out that this drug was nothing like marijuana, and in fact I said I would never do this drug again. I was not alone.

It seemed to be the story, I was getting from everyone around me.  Knowing that the drug had a bad effect on them, but somehow finding themselves going out to get more every two days when the bag was left empty.  Though it is denied by many that the drug has addictive qualities, I had a very different perspective.

The drug had a differing effect on me just about every time I used it.  None of which, was good.  I was a regular user of marijuana prior to this and it never once gave me a feeling that was similar to what it was being marketed as.  Sometimes, I would hallucinate, most of the time though, it was an overwhelming feeling that my life was worthless.  I believe this was common.

Brandon Clark, an 18 year old student of Saks High School in Anniston, Alabama took his own life July 3, 2010 while under the influence of K2.

This was not an isolated incident.  Reports of people committing suicide were popping up all over the state.  Later that year, a bill was passed that outlawed the possession of the chemicals used in the productions of the potpourri, which was what the shelf name that is used for the product.

Me already being a skeptic in denial, wanting big brother to stay off of my back, fearful that I was going to lose the readily available outlets I used to feed my addiction, I resisted the reports and understood them to my knowledge as being propaganda.

Now, the original chemicals used in the production, have been replaced with others and nearly as soon as one strand is taken off the shelves it is replaced by another.

Professor John Huffman, the person who first synthesized the chemicals that were used in Spice. When asked about their safety, he stated: “People that use it are idiots. You don’t know what it is going to do to you”.

Now, having been through that experience, and watching my brother go to jail over the possession after he was ratted on by a disgruntled co-worker, I hate the drug.

Though I want to be angry at Professor John Huffman for creating K2 in the first place, and I could easily blame the U.S. government for their senseless war on drugs and criminalization of marijuana, ultimately I am responsible for my own actions.

I willingly continued this behavior even after determining that it was hazardous to my well being.

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