Our Mommy and Daddy Are Fighting – Independently Dependents

It has been two years now since I was introduced to the idea that there was an underlying agenda being cultivated under the mask of our countries leadership.  Since then, I have been exposed to theory after theory of crooked politicians, and alphabet organizations, that ultimately want to see the demise of what so many dreamed of and fought for over the past 524 years.

A few weeks ago, we saw as Great Britain claimed an independence from the European Union.

What does this say about democracy? After all, I have spent the past two years talking about how democracy is dead, all elections are rigged, and also including that our alliance with Great Britain was a sure tell sign that their government was just as corrupt as our own.

I was either wrong, or there is something else going on.

I haven’t completely abandoned the fact that the overall goal is a one world government, but I think there was discrepancy in the upper room.  A kind of, “mommy and daddy are fighting” moment.

Weeks before the election took place, President Obama did all but threaten Great Britain.  This came as a surprise to many Americans because of our deep rooted and powerful alliance with them.  However, if Great Britain was denied a certain piece of the pie that they indeed were looking forward too.  It would make since that they would take this step.

A fact this large would be difficult for the media to hide, so Britain at this moment, I believe is holding their allegiance as ransom for something.  The major question is, what?  The answer to this question might indicate what we can expect to see in the near future.

Yes, the people of Great Britain feel they have done a great thing.  However, It would take very little to over through this arrangement.  They have a constitutional monarchy.  Parliament handles the bulk of the legislation, but all in all the throne could over through the will of the people.

As with most parents, they will reach an agreement and business will continue as usual.  The British will rejoin their ranks in the EU, and expect it will happen shortly after the Bilderberg meeting later this year.  As for America, we are marching further into oblivion.

Lughnasadh July 31st and August 1st, is the celebration of the beginning of the harvest season in the parts of the UK.  Many people believe that this is also the time in which the illuminati holds a ritualistic murder as a thanks to the “gods” for the time of growth between April and then.

I believe that this growth can be seen in all that they have manage to accomplish over the people in this season. It has been a very rough summer and it is just getting started.

America, buckle in, it is going to be a rough ride.

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