Review: Independence Day Resurgence

2016s’ biggest block buster disappointment, Independence Day Resurgence.


Actually, I can’t say that.  I didn’t go see Dead Pool, Captain America, Star Wars: Days of Jedi Diarrhea, and have heard quite a bit about how much all of the these films choked.


The real problem I think Hollywood has on their hands, is the marketing departments.  They take all of the best clips and throw them into the trailers and when people go see the film there is nothing left to amaze them.


Another problem, that was made ever apparent in the topic film of the night, is their over reliance on CGI.


In the original ID4, one of the most amazing clips of the entire movie was the iconic, “White House blowing up scene”.  This was shot with several different cameras pointed at a small scale model of the White House.  The footage from each camera was slowed down and spliced together to fill the space between each frame.  Hollywood today, along with modern day CGI, would have done this nearly too easily.


Don’t get me wrong, CGI has its’ place.  Earlier this year I went to see the remake of the Jungle Book.  I even got to take my dad along.  I was nearly expecting a catastrophe, but wanted to go anyway because the original Disney animated film was the first movie he ever went to see at a theater when he was a child.  Today, the man holds the largest film collection I have ever seen, and it continues to grow on a daily basis.  However, I was completely struck by the clarity and craftiness that was used in the production of this film, and was blown away further when I discovered that not only the animals, but everything in that film was CGI except for Moglee himself.


So, my point is that CGI is a wonderful tool when used properly.  The graphics in Independence Day Resurgence was of the same quality that we saw in the first Halo game.  Great for its’ time, but we have grown up now.


I have to give credit where it is due.  Jeff Goldblum was the best thing about this film.  Not even his role as David, which was done way better in the first movie as well, but just his voice.  However, the entertainment quality was the same the first time I seen an commercial.


It pains me to say it , but I give it 2 of 5 stars.

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