A Spoon Full of Sugar

Earlier I got to take my dad out for a little one on one time.  It was going well until he got dizzy and requested that we return to the car.  We didn’t even get to the car when I had to stop at a vendors booth at our local flea market and have him take a seat.

Some of you might not be familiar with the fact, that he had to have a liver transplant in December of last year and after spending 3 and half months at UAB hospital in Birmingham hospital he was finally able to come home.

My dad had non-alcoholic psoriasis of the liver.  This was due to the amount of medications that he has to be on for the past decade and half, after an accident that he was in 1998.  This essentially turned his liver into cardboard, and every thing that he ingested was turned into ammonia and flooded his body.  His stomach was swollen to that of a woman who was carrying twins and on some days triplets.

My opinion, is not that my dad wasn’t in pain or was taking medication that he didn’t need.  It is in fact my opinion that an alternative wasn’t given the attention or a chance to be proven wrong or right.  This is good science, and differs from what I see being practiced in our judicial and medical systems.

It is of my opinion, that the FDA, politicians, pharmaceutical companies, and unfortunately the doctors, are no longer concerned in helping people.  Instead it is the opposite there of.  I believe that they do intend on keeping you a patient.  In sales they saying goes, “the best business, is repeat business”, and I believe that is what the Hippocratic oath has come to mean.  This goes for all four of the faceless foes I have just mentioned.

In a previous post, I noted that the FDA is labeling electronic cigarettes, electronic hookahs, and other vaping supplies as tobacco products.  When in fact the only difference between those and the gum, patches, and candies is there delivery system. Not to mention the fact that every plant on our planet has some amount of nicotine in it.  It just so happens that tobacco has greater concentration there of.

I then noted that my research on the topic brought me to the American Heart Association, and their anti-vaping stance.  Just like everyone should do when looking for information, you should note the biases that a particular company or organization might have.  The majority of the time those biases are generated by money.  I then found that one of the American Heart Associations biggest partners is Pfizer.

I might be jumping to conclusions, but you can look it up your self.  I will continue to believe that this propaganda was generated because of and by their monetary relationship with Pfizer.  Pfizer is one of the American Heart Associations biggest contributor Pfizer brags about there contribution. Click Here

I don’t have back up my claims about politicians, if are reading this you are probably aware that the decisions that are made in our court rooms, and city councils are based on monetary gains by those involved.  To quote the late great Robin Williams, “Politicians should be like Nascar drivers and where the names of all the people that sponsor them, so we know why they vote the way that they do.”Ricky Bobby

We have covered the FDA, Big Pharma, and politicians.  Here is the one that is going to hurt, your doctor.  The person you actually know, the one that has probably put his or her hands in places that you might not even let a significant other go.  That person is making decisions about what they are going to tell you based on the amount of money that he or she is going to make.

If you have ever been in a doctors office and received a sample of a medication they probably were given to that doctor after they were paid to sit in a meeting with a sales person and listen to a pitch.  Which at the end of the day didn’t amount to anything but, “How was your fishing trip this spring?”

All in all, none of this means anything.  There is little you can do, to sway your local representative to make change.  There is little you can do to stop this vicious cycle that is slaughtering your fellow Americans.  Honestly the only thing we have left to do, is pray.

Bobby D. Abercrombie 05/14/16

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