Jet Plane Cloud Vapors

The title was a little misleading.  One would think that “Jet Plane Cloud Vapors” would be an article about cloud seeding and how the establishment is constantly using us as lab rats, while they introduce strange cocktails of differing chemicals into our atmosphere.  Though I am very passionate about that topic, today we will be tackling a much lighter subject, how to travel with vapes, electronic hookahs, and electronic cigarettes.

We could infact start our conversation off by lamenting on the fact that TSA and other alphabet agencies are really at the pulse of the militarized police state here in America.  This should have then been coupled with the fact that the American Heart Association is publishing anti vaping propaganda that was paid for by Pfizer.  Pfizer, though Donald Trump thinks they are an outstanding pharmaceutical company that needs to run their business from here with in the United States, is the owner of Chantix.  Chances are, if you are reading this you are very familiar with Chantix as a smoke cessation medication, that has a very long list of side affects, one of which is thoughts of suicide.  Never the less, it should be implied that the popular use of electronic cigarettes, electronic hookahs, vapes, and mods, would have hurt the profit margin of Pfizer on their product Chantix.

Do not be misinformed, the establishment, have nothing to profit from the advancements that have been made in this industry in the past couple of years. Since the TSA has been holding the poster for fear mongering and manipulation by the establishment for years now, it is growing evidence that they want to tighten their belt.  As a matter of fact, it was released on May 5, 2016 the FDA has joined this list of faceless organizations who are trying their damnedest to demonize the use of e-cigarettes, vapes, and e-hookahs.  They issued a public statement putting these alternative products in the same boat as tobacco.

I’m sure that this has been done because the public only understands nicotine as a bi product of tobacco, but in fact nicotine is found in all plants.  Nicotine is found and produced by plants naturally as a defense mechanism against bugs and other herbivores (vegans).  Yes it is a pesticide.  The amount of nicotine that you get off of an entire tank of e-juice can be compared to the same amount that you would get from eating an eggplant.  (I love eggs)

So, with this information in my head you can certainly understand why the anxiety about traveling with the supplies for my new habit/hobby was creeping up inside.  The research on this topic recently became priority as I was informed earlier today that I would be traveling for work in the near future.  I don’t have to do this often and this will be the first time I will be on a plane traveling with my mod and e-juice.  So, for those of you playing at home lets run down the list of items I will have with me, if I do infact choose to travel with my supplies.

  1. An 18650 Lithium Battery
  2. My Target Mod by Vaperesso (Thanks @IndoorSmokers)
  3. My Target Tank by Vaperesso
  4. An 18Ml bottle of Blue Berry Muffin Milk by California Vaping Company
  5. One extra ceramic coil (I will never get stuck out on the road without one)

Lets review, #2,#3,#5 are all ok, these shouldn’t set off any alarms. Independently, #1, and #4 would be fine, but if you put them together the anxiety sets in.  This looks a little odd.  A vial of mysterious fluid coupled with something that stores DC power.  I’m liable to wind up on the evening news.

Now, this kind of mindset is only due to the fear porn that we as Americans were exposed to shortly after the turn of the century.  Unfortunately this trauma will be passed down from generation to generation, for quiet sometime.  Infact if we follow the trend of the past couple of centuries we will finally begin to settle down again around 2070.

So, I began my journey for knowledge where most people do these days, at the google search page.  When I typed in my query, a cornucopia of answers flooded my screen and I just so happened to pick the one article that was written by a genius.

Tim Mechling at, covered the basic stuff I was expecting to see.  The TSA policy on traveling with fluids.  The fact that it needed to be in my carry on bag, but he covered one other thing that I didn’t even think about.  The change in pressure at the altitude will play tricks on our tanks and it will infact flood our coils.  The loss in air pressure will act like a vacuum on our drip tips much like it does on our eardrums.  He suggested that if we choose to travel with our mods and such it should be carried in a plastic bag to prevent spillage and presented at the checkpoint so there isn’t any possibility of a misunderstanding.

These are simple rules to follow, and infact I will follow them.  However, it doesn’t address the real problem here.  An over active security presence, at the airport generated by the fear porn industry.

Thank you all for your time,

Bobby D. Abercrombie



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