Go Big or Go Home


To Whom It May Concern,

This slogan is typically used in the arena of sports, but this term can be applied to everyday life.

In the ideal work environment, those that work the hardest, stay the latest, and sacrificed the most for the job would receive the promotions.  This isn’t always the case but ideally this is how it would work.

“Leaving it all on the field”, is easy to do when you are passionate about something.  Forgetting the rest of the world, and running your heart out in order to achieve a goal.

Meanwhile, your relationships struggle.  You begin to see holes in the social construct, because you are so captivated on completing the course.  You begin to ask more of friends and family, while being able to give less and less.

I am passionate about Whom It May. I am passionate about bringing information, and entertainment to the fans of Whom It May.  I am passionate about spreading the revelation of alternative media and freeing myself and other from the bonds of the propaganda, and hypnotic stuff on cable.  If that means that, the aforementioned problems will occur so be it.

From now on, let it be known that anyone other than myself who wants to be on Whom It May will indeed need to sign a release form.  I was told tonight that I was taking it too far.  I made it clear that I plan on taking it much further.

Thank you for your time,

Founder and Producer,

Bobby D. Abercrombie

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