Georgia + Marijuana = HB1046


Ok folks here it is,

Cliff and I discuss what HB1046 would mean for Georgians, and we also touch on the nature of marijuana use.

The answer is, “not a dog on thing”.

This is a drop in the bucket, to coin a phrase.  Ultimately, this is up to your state and local governments to practice what they may in their districts.  However, with many states legalizing the use of marijuana recreational y it is of our opinion that the federal government need not infringe upon that.

Should this be the end of the road on marijuana law reform here in the peach state?  Our answer is no.  We believe that we have a long road to go.  Georgia has just recently allowed medicinal use to take place, and recreational use is still a long way away.  If you get down to the brass tax, tax pun, you are literally paying the politicians put on this fake war.

Politicians may say that they are making decisions based on the wishes of the american people, however, they receive large donations from people who open up privately own jails.  The people who own privately own jails make money, our tax money, and then return the favor by giving the politicians more donations.

HB1046 essentially means if passed into law, that possession of under an ounce of marijuana would lead to a $250 fine for first time offenders, $500 fine for second time offenders, and $750 for any offenses there after.  This is much better than putting a person in jail for days, months, and years at a time for simple possession at the expense of the american people.

This is the standard practice on federally owned land.  Bobby D knows this from first hand account, after being fined while on a camping trip to Talladega National Forest.  This will be another story for another day.

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