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Voting Machines On Fritz In Georgia, USA

According to the AJC, voting machines across the state were witnessed by voters to have changed their selected candidate. ┬áSo far, there have been six counties where this has been reported. Link to AJC article Though it hasn’t been confirmed at this time, sources I have spoken to have said…


Vape News: Vape Pen Battery Causes Fire In Airport Luggage

The first staple in banning vape technology in airports.


Trump: Contract With The American Voter

Trump’s ‘Gettysburg Address’ Makes Closing Argument For Choosing Him And Unveils First-100-Days Agenda As He Promises ‘The Kind Of Change That Only Arrives Once In A Lifetime’ Read More at

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Write In Candidates (Without Mickey Mouse & Buddy The Elf)

Though I can appreciate fictional characters, their presence on a write-in ballot is unnecessary and a bit concerning. Below is a culmination of what I can tell to be serious potential Write-In Candidates CARROZZA, ALBERT KENNETH MEDFORD,NY 10/18/2016 Write-In CAPOLONGO, JOHN STOCKHOLM,NJ 10/18/2016 Write-In FULLER, MIKE U DR. LOS ANGELES,CA…